About Brittany Gunderson

Brittany Gunderson is an Inspiration to many people.

She writes all kinds of books. Her Genres of Books include: Young Adult Fiction, Self-Help, Poetry, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Suicide Awareness.

Brittany Gunderson is also a Happiness/ Mental Health Life Coach.

She is a mother of two sweet sons and finally has a loving, non-abusive boyfriend.

Brittany Gunderson has learned from experience how to become happy despite abusive relationships, depression, and mental illnesses. She spends her time spreading domestic violence awareness, suicide awareness, as well as inspiration, happiness, and hope. She is always helping others.

She loves helping others become better, happier, and healthier in their lives. She has been preventing the suicides of many people this past year who are very grateful for her and love her for it. She is very patient, understanding, empathetic, sympathetic, and caring.

She is Non-Judgmental, Open Minded, and Accepts Everyone as they are.

DONATIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED– To Donate, Go here: paypal.me/authorbrittanygunder

Email anytime: brittany.lee.gunderson@gmail.com

WebSite: brittanygunderson.wix.com/brittanygunderson

Twitter: twitter.com/BLG2011MOMOF2

I look forward to meeting you!

2 thoughts on “About Brittany Gunderson

  1. Hello Brittany!!
    thank you for your awareness site and your time in promoting this subject. WOW! you are courageous!! and I feel so fired and wired to your ethos. which showing how to turn the negative into positive. I have recently come to appreciate this is so important. Also how to leave the past behind and live in the present. It is not simple as you have to unearth this as it is buried so deep down!!Very exciting stuff!!

    Liked by 1 person

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